Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have recently acquired a Kindle and overall find it easy to use. It is a super to download. My small complaint woud be that the Library can be tough to navigate. It has given me access to some books by my favorite writer. Books not available in the book store.

This brought me to one of my idols in aviation writing, Ernest Gann. Making exciting movies from aviation novels is a difficult thing. He had some great books but mediocre movies. At least three of them starred John Wayne.

The problem stems from trying to convert a writen discription of of a tense moment in an airplane where the pilot does nothing but sit there moving the controls and staring out the windscreen. Making this into a motion picture requires a lot of shouting and jerky movement. This ends up as a lousy movie.

But...I am a sucker for the old movies.

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