Friday, June 11, 2010


Morgan Garret is a former CIA agent and was involved along with Darcie Carmichael in the "Ice" caper.

Me: "Good Morning Morgan."
Morgan: "Yea, good morning."
Me: "How are you doing? I understand you had a pretty rough time."
Morgan: "Not so bad. Darcie and I are moving on. We are now involved with 'Meltdown' which is going to be a real challenge."
Me: "Can you tell us more?"
Morgan: "Well actually no, not 'till you and your writing partner write it down."

Morgan is a tough nut to crack but he is right. Barbara M. Hodges and I are well on our way with our sequel to "Ice", "Meltdown."

You will want to read both when we get the published.

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